Wonder Woman is so beautiful How are her clothes designed?

“Batman vs. Superman” is mixed, but still can’t deny the popularity of this movie and the wonders of Wonder Woman, so DC comics will start to fight against Marvel, and will continue in succession. Launched “Suicide Team” and “Wonder Woman”. In a recent interview, fashion designer Michael Wilkinson revealed some of the stories on the film’s styling and costumes. After reading it, you will find that many small details are quite attentive.

wonder woman cosplay

“We strongly hope that Wonder Woman is strong and confident and can compete with male superheroes,” said film designer Michael Wilkinson. Inspired by the Wonder Woman in the Amazon era (the prototype is the Amazon in Greek mythology), he joined the metal armor of the Greek warriors and the costume elements of the Roman gladiators and finally made what we saw on the big screen. Body shape.

wonder woman cosplay

“She is a righteous fighter. She doesn’t need the flaming decoration, but needs to convey a sense of shock and practicality.” Look carefully and you will find that Wonder Woman not only has a metal wristband at the arm but also holds the palm of the sword. The heart is also wrapped with a bandage, which allows her to be more powerful and more stable when fighting. However, compared with her male teammates (Superman, Batman), this heroine seems to be somewhat exposed, and some people on the Internet have also expressed their opinions.

“There are many ways to show strength, which has nothing to do with how much you wear clothes or the attitude.”

When it comes to attitudes, Bruce Wayne, that is, Batman is a little different from the previous one in this film. He has witnessed the darkness of Gotham City for too many years. He is not a tycoon in the film. It is a superhero full of exhaustion and frustration. “Director Zacks Ned wants to shape a more mature Batman, which makes him have a lot of changes in the shape. The fabric selection and texture are very different from the previous ones. His uniform must be particularly resistant. So Wilkinson used a very thin carbon fiber woven fabric to highlight the strong muscles and let people feel that Batman is not fighting armor, but relying entirely on his own strength and skill.

When it comes to Superman, this superhero from aliens, director Snyder hopes that his suit will evolve on the basis of the previous Superman: The Body of Iron, so this time is not only dark blue tights. The iconic red cloak also features a metallic fabric, while subtly adjusting the surface details and texture of the suit, but this is difficult for the average audience to find.

When the heroes take off their uniforms and appear as ordinary people, they are also very particular about wearing them. In the case of Superman, he is a reporter in peacetime, so his clothing is mainly khaki pants, checkered shirts, corduroy jackets, these clothes are tailored by the tailors inside the clothing team according to Henry Cavill.

wonder woman cosplay

The daily role of Batman is Bruce Wayne, the richest man in Gotham City, so his clothes are all made by Gucci-based Affleck.

wonder woman cosplay

As for Wonder Woman, the actor Gail Gaddu was a model before, so it is effortless to control the daily dresses and suits. The elegant style is the main style, but the charm of the Wonder Woman is still in the neck. With a gold collar, you can think of this accessory as a transformation of the headband.

Looking at the villains, the young rich Lex Luther, who is as rich as Bruce Bruce Wayne, hopes that Luther is a brilliantly energetic businessman with a brilliant idea, a bit like Silicon Valley’s genius. So he won’t dress too much orthodox, but the hoodie and gray T-shirts are too likely to appear on him. They are replaced by expensive street cards and sneakers, which are matched in an unintended way, highlighting personality. If you are a wonder woman fan, you should like this wonder woman cosplay costumes.Click HERE to see more!