Tell you some knowledge of pajamas

Wowpajamas pajamas have long been a symbol of Western life. Speaking of the origin of this word, you may be shocked because something so “foreign” is actually a foreign word. The original word paejama comes from Hindi, it is a combination of the words pai and jamah in Persian. Pai means “legs” in Persian, while jamah means “clothing.” pajamas, as the name suggests, is the leg clothing-pants. These were loose trousers worn by the Middle East and Indians, but the European colonists’ ingenuity gave it a new role-pajamas. There were no pajamas at first, but Wowpajamas pajamas were invented only after pajamas spread to cold Europe.

Tell you some knowledge of pajamas

It is a kind of casual clothes worn indoors before and after sleeping. Materials are mostly made of cotton, silk and soft and comfortable fabric. Mainly there are pajamas, pajamas pants, nightdresses, nightgowns, bathrobes

Pajamas and pajamas pants, usually worn together called pajamas set. Wear for sleep and home rest. Pajamas are generally full open, lapel collar or collarless, with long and short sleeve shielding words. Pajamas and pajamas pants are required to be loose and simple in structure.

Pajamas skirt. Women wear summer sleep or cool. Most of them are jumpsuits, sleeveless or short-sleeved, wide waist straight, or elastic bands at the waist for a slight gather.

Robe. A loose and long robe worn in the bedroom. Most of the fabrics use soft and elegant colors and quiet and delicate small floral patterns. The fabrics are often cotton or high-grade silk. Generally worn in autumn and winter. The pajamas are long at the top and bottom of the ankle, with various lapels, mostly long sleeves. Some nightgowns are also cut horizontally on the chest and back, and the lower end is folded or decorated with lace and embroidery.

bathrobe. After taking a shower, use a towel to slightly dry the body’s water droplets, and then wear a wide robe directly. The waistband can be freely moved. Because there is still water and moisture on the body, it is usually made of cotton fleece towels. The raised hair particles not only make the body feel warmer and softer, but also can quickly and effectively absorb the residual moisture on the skin. Bathrobes are generally simple in style, and are divided into long-sleeved long-sleeved robes and middle-sleeved short-sleeved robes in summer, depending on the season. The pattern is generally divided into solid color, print and towel jacquard. Most of them distinguish the product grade on the weaving of towel cloth. Of course, the better the cotton yarn quality, the thicker the towel cloth and the finer the jacquard.

Tell you some knowledge of pajamas

Pajamas ≠ home wear. Homewear is clothing worn for leisure, exercise at home and walking in the park. It’s at odds with what most people think of pajamas. Of course, the reason why many people think that home service is pajamas is actually that they don’t know about home service.

Why wear Wowpajamas pajamas?
Good for sleep. The pajamas are soft in texture and comfortable to wear, which is conducive to falling asleep and sleeping deeply. It can prevent many diseases. When people are sleeping, their pores are open and they are susceptible to wind chills. For example, colds are related to catch cold after sleep. Middle-aged and old people with periarthritis are also related to shoulders catch cold during sleep. Coronary heart patients are prone to angina and other symptoms. And wearing pajamas can effectively resist the cold after sleep.

Why wear silk pajamas?
Wowpajamas is silky, mild, and non-toxic. Silk pajamas not only have smooth texture, soft and comfortable, but also have the characteristics of easy-drying, moisture absorption, and good performance of shielding words, it can promote the vitality of the body’s epidermal cells, promote cell metabolism, and produce a delicate massage on the skin. Effect, thereby reducing the chance of microorganisms breeding on the skin, and has a special health effect on the human body. Bedridden elderly people wear Wowpajamas silk pajamas for a long time, which can significantly reduce the itching of the skin caused by “bed rash”, which cannot be compared with any other clothing. It is worth noting that most of the pajamas currently on the market are made of chemical fiber materials. When worn by the elderly, it is easier to feel itching on dry skin, but it will worsen the itching of bedsores and bedsores. Therefore, when buying Wowpajamas silk pajamas, be sure to choose genuine ones