Captain Marvel is like a man-in-law, isn’t she sexy? 4 reasons to tell you why you wear them so

The movie heroine based on our comics is dressed in super tights, fashionable and sexy, such as Black Widow and Catwoman.

Or Diana of Wonder Woman, like a heroine who often fights, she reveals a lot of skin and vest skirt.

captain marvel costume

There is also the X-Men: Apocalypse, which is almost naked.

These common female hero characters are usually created by male authors. This is probably the femininity in men’s eyes.

However, in Captain Marvel, the superhero’s clothes look very heavy and conservative, more like the protective uniforms that other male hero characters would wear. The makeup looks close to the face of a plain face, and the hairstyle is very casual. Netizens call it ugly!

captain marvel costume

4 reasons to tell you why styling does this!

Character background

Carol Danvers has a very complex character and a chaotic past. The movie is Captain Marvel’s journey of self-discovery, gradually controlling his superpowers.

Based on the deification of superheroes, the characters need human nature to balance, so that the characters are opposite and real, with both weaknesses and strengths. Carol Danvers’s usual earthly style reflects the fragile human part.

But as Captain Marvel, she is one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel universe. What she needed was professional combat gear, not a sexy, tight-fitting low-neckline.

captain marvel costume

Respect the original

In comics, the dress of the characters is constantly evolving.

It debuted in 1968 as the “girlfriend” of Captain Marvel during Ms. Marvel. The most distinctive dress is black swimsuit.

In 1977, Ms. Marvel’s dress changed to bikini shorts and a flowing cloak.

The most recent change is a comic published in 2012. The writer is a woman named Kelly Sue DeConnick. She invited designer Jamie McKelvie to design a new Captain Marvel costume.

DeConnick asked to design more simple and practical clothing, not breasts, breasts, and boots not to the thigh roots. So there were red and blue tights. This is also Carol Danvers’ standard dress after taking over the Mar-Vell mantle to become Captain Marvel. Once the comics came out, they quickly became popular with comic fans. The costume inspiration in the movie is from this set.

decided together

captain marvel costume

In the movie’s early meetings, when starring Brian Larson and Marvel President Kevin Feige discuss the role, Larson suggested: “The earlier you go back, the more comics are exposed.” She herself did not want to be exposed The shape is stained. Kevin Feige also said that we do not want to restore the most iconic black swimwear look in the movie.

The red, blue, and gold dress in the movie was jointly determined by Brie Larson and Kevin Feige.

Significance of the times

“Captain Marvel” is the last Marvel Universe movie before the release of “Avengers 4: End of the War”, and it is also Marvel’s first movie featuring a female superhero. This means that this will be a landmark work.

Riding on the east wind of “Captain Marvel”, there may be more female heroes picking works from the future.

And in recent years, more and more racial and gender-related movies are market trends, audience pressure, and the product of the development of the times.

Dematerializing women and interpreting a character with a more neutral identity and shape is of great significance in the times.

Except for the red, blue and gold suits, where did the green ones come from?

Green is the uniform color of the Kree Starforce, and Mar-Vell, the first Captain Marvel, was a Kerry spy. In order to plot the need to add a green suit. And almost the same blue and red gold set.

Although “Captain Marvel” has received a lot of negative reviews since its release, no matter what the film’s word of mouth, the box office is very considerable and its commercial value is limitless. Whether it is cosplay or elemental T-shirts, you can choose.