Do superheroes have no summer? Counting the 5 big tights of Marvel

Do superheroes have no summer? Counting the 5 big tights of Marvel, only he has the opportunity to wear shorts!

As we all know, there are many superheroes in the Marvel series. Xiaobian found a problem, superheroes do not seem to love the summer! Always like to wear thick tights on your body! Xiaobian take everyone to check out the Marvel 5 tights!

  1. Dr. Singular

Dr. Singer’s clothes are quite retro, old cloaks and the inside looks thick. Dr. singularly was originally a surgeon. In the high-income group of doctors in the country, Dr. singularly drove Lamborghini to take a ride. Since the inheritance of the Gu Yi Master, Dr. Singular has become a lot of decent! This set of tights is the best illustration!

2, black widow

Widowed sister always wears her black leather tights as an assassin-type superhero. This dress makes her move very convenient and highlights her body, and she can also hold many small organs on her leather. This dress is widowed. The preferred suit for the sisters to fight. But the leather is not breathable, is the widow really not too hot? But the person who saw her has gotten hot!

  1. Captain America

The captain of the United States does not have a summer. In the movie, the most common dress of the US team is this corset, and the back can be hung with a shield. This set of clothes can only be worn on the US team! Perfectly showing the beauty of the team, but this dress is also very hot, regardless of the spring and summer drive, this dress is always accompanied by the US team!

4, illusion

Phantom is a super robot, and naturally it doesn’t feel hot, but for humanity, the illusion is also arranged to wear clothes. This tight-fitting robes are very powerful. The illusion has super power, and wearing the wall is the same as playing for him. It is estimated that it will not be afraid of heat!

5, Hulk

The key point is that many of my friends are curious. After Hulk gets bigger, the tops are broken every time, and the shorts are intact! Friends who have seen “Invincible Hulk” know that Dr. Banner has been chased by the military. Every time he arrives in a place, Benner always pays attention to the clothing on the market. He always chooses a few loose and fat shorts for use. In fact, this detail is done very well, invisibly explaining that the trousers will not be broken. If the smashing is really broken, the movie screen may not be seen.

In the process of transformation, Hulk’s clothes were stretched out and turned into “tight clothes”. Only Hulk had the opportunity to wear shorts!